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Gloss Glitter Teal Vinyl Wrap

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In this auction you will receive a sheet of vinyl wrap with self adhesive. Our vinyl wrap is of the highest grade and unlike some sellers here on Ebay, we sell the "casting" type where as some other sellers sell the "calendar" vinyl which will try and retain its original shape once it  is applied. The "casting" type like ours will take the shape of what you are wrapping. Please let us know if you have any questions. Below are  some specs of the vinyl:
  • Self adhesive (May apply with 3M primer 94 if applying on non sticky surfaces)
  • Will not harm your paint or natural finish
  • Can be applied and reapplied for desired look
  • Water proof and stain resistant
  • Neon Colors have no warranty for fading. Expected outdoor life in direct sunlight is less than three months. Fluorescent Neon colors fade much faster than normal colors
  • Fading can be reduced with overlamination, preventing stretched areas, which fade even faster, and shelter from high U.V. times during the day.
  • Can also be used with a heat gun or household blow drier for shaping
  • Due to different computer monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the picture.
  • Film colors can vary slightly from roll to roll. For the most consistency, please purchase a full roll.
  • Very flexible and stretchable
  • Super thin (0.2mm) to fit in most tight spots or corners (3M 94 primer is recommended for non sticky surfaces, curves & corners)
  • Can be used for other projects other than automotive
  • Super easy to use
  • Low cost compared to a paint job!


EzAuto Wrap specializes in exotic, high-end luxury vehicle wraps. We have devoted ourselves to give our customers the finest in quality, reasonable prices, quick shipping time, and guaranteed satisfaction.


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