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Glow in the Dark Tape Neon Green 147 Feet / 50 Yards

Glow in the dark tape in sudden darkness the tape is immediately visible. The tape provides a non-electric safety marking system that easily and inexpensively affixes to walls, handrails, columns, around door frames, and along stairways and baseboards (provides visibility during an emergency). It is wound on a liner for easy handling. Also used for identification of critical equipment controls, exit and directional signage (especially for escape routes and stairways), light switch covers, labels, decals, novelties, sporting goods, trims and special effects. Used in hotels, hospitals, schools, public facilities, office buildings and manufacturing plants.

  • Tape is fully charged within 30 minutes after exposure to either artificial or natural light and glows brightest the first 15 to 30 minutes after activation has ceased, but will remain clearly visible in a totally dark room to the night-adjusted eye for up to 6 hours
  • For Safety at Night, Add Markings on Performance Stage,Garage, Inside, Safe Passage and Cars
  • The Luminance Green Tape can be Seen Clearly in the Darkness. They are all Very Safe Without Electricity. They Can be Pasted on the Walls, Handrails, Stairs and Doors
  • You Can DIY any Kinds of Patterns by the Tape, Which Gives You a Romantic and Marvelous Feeling At Night
  • Turn on the Light to Re-Charge Phosphorescent Stickers Again and Again
  • Size: Width: (7/16)(1/2)(3/4)(1) inch; Length: 45 Meters / 50 Yards / 1770 Inches


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