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Clear Security Window Film Shatterproof 4Mil 8Mil


This security films are built to keep glass together in the event of breakage. They are also made to slow down intruders from breaking and entering. The film is coated with a rubber-based adhesive that spreads impact over a large surface area. This helps preserve the intact state of the window as well as protect your valuables.

  • Security Film will help protect you and your family from sharp broken glass, break-ins and theft. Ensure the safety of children by applying to glass tables. Protect valuables in your car and home! Safety from harmful UV rays and sun glare. Easy D.I.Y. installation. Virtually clear.
  • Commercial store displays - Stop theft of electronics, jewelry and other easy to steal items
  • Prevent window vandalism - Easily replace after painted with graffiti. No need for special services that use harmful chemicals.
  • Protect high rise skyscrapers from wind storms.
  • Save energy on air conditioning by allowing in less sunlight. 90% VLT with 99% UV protection.


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